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Dive Into The Flavors Of Indian Streets With Grand Masala Pizza

Have a love for Indian food? Missing the Indian flavors away from the home? If yes, come taste the best of Indian cuisine at Ballard Beer Box. We are your neighborhood pizza restaurant in Ballard Seattle, serving the Indian-style Grand Masala Pizza that brings the richness, aroma, and flavors of India right to your palate. 

With a fusion of Indian and Italian flavors, our pizza brings the traditional twist in the modern flavors and takes you on a street ride to India. Being an Indian-owned pizza restaurant and beer bar in Seattle, we know what the Indian community is constantly looking for, i.e. good Indian food that tastes different than the traditional cuisine. This is where our Grand Masala Pizza ticks all the checkboxes. 

Taste The Best Of Indian Pizza In Ballard, Seattle

Made with a Curry tikka masala base, aged mozzarella, marinated paneer, sliced garlic, ginger, cherry peppers, caramelized onions, and topped with fresh cilantro, this pizza is a go-to feast for all pizza lovers looking for an Indian pizza. Our dough for the base is kneaded fresh using locally sourced organic flour from the Washington State mills that make the base so soft, sweet, and wholesome.

Marinated paneer made using a traditional blend of spices and herbs when paired with sliced garlic, ginger, cherry peppers, and caramelized onions brings on a savory and spicy explosion in each bite of our Grand Masala Pizza.

Local Seattle Restaurant Owned & Operated By Indians

Ballard Beer Box is an Indian restaurant in Seattle, proudly emerging as the hottest restaurant and the best community meet-up space for Indians living in the neighborhood. Being members of the Indian community, we understand the importance of celebrating our cultural heritage through traditional spices and food. 

Our Grand Masala Pizza is our honor to our Indian roots and helps bring your homemade taste back, even when you are thousands of miles away from home. Whether you have a love for traditional Indian flavors or looking to try something savory and spicy, our Grand Masala Pizza is sure to satisfy your cravings for Indian food.

So what are you waiting for? Bring in your friends and family to our dog-friendly pizza restaurant in Ballard Seattle, and dive into traditional Indian flavors. Whether you are looking for a takeout pizza or prefer to dine in, our restaurant provides the ambiance and welcoming vibes you have been missing for so long. We also serve wine and beer to pair with pizzas. You can even taste the unique beers on our rotating taps.

Don’t settle for that boring pizza any longer. Try our Grand Masala Pizza today. Join us for an amazing dining experience. See you soon at Ballard Beer Box.


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