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Head To Ballard Beer Box This National Beer Day

National Beer Day

Cheers to National Beer Day! The booziest day of the year falls on April 7 in the United States and a great eve to raise a toast to your favorite beer. 

Celebrate this beer day with Ballard Beer Box and try our widest selection of beer. From unique local brews to international favorites, let’s enjoy the art of brewing together with our family and friends. 

History of National Beer Day- How It Started?

One of the most widely consumed alcoholic drinks in the world, beer came into existence in 7000 BC. Available in more than hundreds of types, flavors, and bodies, people from all ethnicities love beer. National Beer Day was first celebrated in 1933, when the Cullen-Harrison Act was signed into law, reversing the prohibition on selling beer in the United States. 

To this day, beer is loved like anything with the availability of a number of varieties, including IPAs, Pilsners, Stouts, Sours, Lagers, and the list goes on and on. 

When it comes to alcohol content, beer usually is mildly alcoholic with the range of 4-7% ABV. An ice-cold beer on a hot summer day is all that you need to bring your lazy spirit back to life. 

Head To Ballard Beer Box This National Beer Day

Try Out These Activities On National Beer Day

  • Visit A Craft Beer Bar

There are several local and regional specialty brews and beer bars, one being Ballard Beer Box in Seattle. These bars are at the forefront of the brewery industry, with rotating taps and menus to accommodate the love for beer.

  • Tour A Local Brewery

If not any day, touring your local brewery on National Beer Day is worth a decision. A tour of a local brewery will make you realize the time and effort that goes into making your favorite IPA or stout. You can even get to try complimentary samples.

  • Try A Variety Six Pack

For beer lovers who prefer campfire gatherings with friends or family, picking a variety of six-pack is a great choice. Most beer stores and specialty beer retailers will let you put together a mix-and-match beer six-pack to take along.


Traditions of the National Beer Day At Ballard Beer Box

If you are a beer enthusiast, “Bottoms Up” is a must. Having a good time with plenty of beer and your loved ones being your side is all about how you should consider celebrating beer day. 

To make this National Beer Day worth remembering, we are elongating our Happy Hours with special offers for our loyal customers. Pair your favorite beer with pizza and get ready to rock the floor with a live DJ, board games, Karaoke music, and more. 

Beyond our beer menu, we have 14 rotating taps serving the finest brewed beer and a tasting room for beer lovers. Our selection of organic/ natural wine in Seattle is worth trying. From red wine to white wine, we got the unique wines at our wine store. Also, check out our authentic pizza menu with 10+ gourmet pizzas that will take your beer and wine-tasting experience to a level up.

Either book a table in our cozy indoors or sit out on our patio soaking in the warm sun. If you are planning to bring family, friends, and colleagues along, don’t worry, our private event space at Seattle beer bar can ideally accommodate an indoor seating of 30 persons and an outdoor gathering of 75 persons at a time.

We take it a notch up by serving beer in custom-designed glasses with our happy bartenders who provide quick service and a friendly talk. 

To make everyone know how you celebrate beer at Ballard Beer Box, don’t forget to add social media posts tagging us with popular hashtags.  #beerday #beerinballard #ballardbeerbox #7april #ballardbeerbar


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