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Everything You Need To Know About Sparkling Red Wine

Have you ever tried sparkling red wine? Yes, it’s different from red wine in the terms of double fermentation process. Many people are unaware of the existence of sparkling red wines in the wine market. If you haven’t tried them before because you didn’t know anything about them, here in this blog we’ll guide you about this wine variety. Make sure you go through it before taking a sip of a sparkling red wine.

What is a Sparkling Red Wine?

As the name suggests, it’s a red wine that is sparkling. Sparkling red wines undergo two fermentation stages. While fermenting, the wine sits with its skin for a while, giving it the red hue. The longer it sits with its skin, the darker the color. The bubbles in sparkling wine are formed during the second fermentation.

Types of Red Wine

  • Blanc de noirs

These sparkling wines are prepared from either Pinot Noir, Pinot Meunier, or both grape varieties. These wines are flavorful, with overtones of red berries and vanilla. Blanc de noirs sparkling wines have only a brief contact with their skins, giving them a pink tint. Its characteristics include a medium body, medium to high acidity, low tannins, and a dry and semi-sweet aftertaste.

  • Lambrusco

Lambrusco refers to both the wine variety and the grape from which it is manufactured. Lambrusco is a low-alcohol, fruit-forward wine that is incredibly easy to drink. This makes it suitable as a 'breakfast wine' for those who enjoy a glass of red with their pancakes. You can drink this wine any time of day. The four grape varieties it is made from are, Lambrusco Salamino, Lambrusco Maestri, Lambrusco di Sorbara, and Lambrusco Grasparossa. Some of the characteristics of this wine include light to medium body, medium to high acidity, low to medium tannins, and sweet and dry aftertaste.

  • Brachetto d’Acqui

Brachetto d'Acqui wine is of Italian origin. All wines classified as this wine variety are made from 100% brachetto grapes, and typical flavors include rose, cherry, and blackberry. This is a light, sweet sparkling wine that pairs well with dessert. Some of its characteristics include low alcohol volume, medium to high acidity, low tannins, a light body, and a sweet aftertaste.

  • Sparkling Shiraz

Shiraz is a sort of red wine as well as the grape variety it is prepared from. A sparkling Shiraz is typically a sparkling red wine with the varietal characteristics of a standard Shiraz. It goes well with tangy and spicy meats and meals, like a barbecue pizza. Some of its distinct characteristics include medium acidity, medium tannins, medium body, and sweet to off-dry aftertaste.

Tasting A Sparkling Red Wine

Sparkling reds, like all sparkling wines, are best served cool. To achieve the proper temperature, chill it for about 30 minutes before serving. To liven up a standard champagne cocktail, try substituting it with sparkling red wine.

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