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What Is Natural Wine?

Natural wine is a beloved delicacy that tastes different and makes you feel alive. It’s hard to explain what natural wine is and how great it tastes. If you have tasted it before, you may be able to figure out it straightaway comes from the vineyard and tastes just like the land it’s grown in. It’s a wine that is made in the vineyard with no herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers, but native yeast. 

Natural & Organically Fermented Wine

The phrase "natural wine" means no artificial ingredients have been added to the grape-growing or wine-making processes. It’s done to maintain the essence of wine in an unadulterated way. Natural wine is produced using organically or biodynamically grown grapes that are hand-harvested. 

There is very little to no intervention in the naturally occurring fermentation process with no additions or processing preservatives. The end product of this fermentation is a living wine, that’s healthy, delicious, and rich in naturally occurring bacteria and yeast.

Natural Wine Contains No Or Low Sulfites

Natural wines are certainly more natural than organic wines. To prevent oxidation during bottling, natural wine contains no or minimum sulfite content of 10-100 ppm, compared to the permitted 350 ppm.

Since it skips the filtering and clarifying process, natural wine may be hazy or hold a certain amount of sediment. The distinct flavors of natural wine are the result of its distinct fermentation methods. 

Buy The Rarest Natural Wines At Ballard Beer Box

Are you a wine lover? If you love wine and reside in Seattle or nearby, visit our natural wine bar in Seattle. Our wine and beer shop offers the widest variety of organic, biodynamic, and natural wines brought directly from the vineyards. 

At Ballard Beer Box, we honor the concept of natural wines and serve the best and rarest ones available. Every wine we sell and serve is free of additives, pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. We are a kids and pet-friendly bar serving beer, wine, cider, spirit, pizza, and salad.


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