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Why Pizza Catering Is The Best Choice For College Events?

Are you hosting a college event? Looking for a pizza caterer in Seattle for your college party? Pizza is an absolute favorite among youngsters and much loved by adults too. Baking a pizza takes a lot of planning with ingredients and toppings, just like a party does. 

If you have decided to add pizza to your next event, you are possibly making the right choice. Pizza catering in Seattle can make it all easy without you having to worry about preparation and catering.

Why Prefer Pizza Catering Over Traditional Food?

College students enjoy pizza more than anything. It is one of the most popular takeout and most delivered foods, which is prepared and served fresh. Pizza caterers in Seattle are experts in preparing a wide range of hand-tossed pizzas, including pepperoni, margarita, BBQ, pine, and more. 

When you choose the pizza caterers at Ballard Beer Box for your catering event, a pizza station will be placed at your college event venue, and absolutely fresh pizzas will be prepared and served to the guests and participants. Get ready to savor freshly made vegan, veg, and non-veg pizzas and take your event a level up.

With authentic flavors, freshest ingredients, and locally sourced organic flour from local Washington mills, our hand-tossed pizzas taste just great.

Pizza Catering Is Affordable Compared To Other Foods

Pizza is a little less expensive than other fancy foods.  Expert pizza caterers who make pizza at your event venue right from tcratch ensure fresh and hot pizza catering, right from the oven to your plate, that too at the most competitive price. 

Opting for event pizza catering in Seattle is the best choice, especially if you have a tight budget but still want delicious food and excellent service. This allows you to get a prompt pizza service and a freshly prepared pizza on the spot. Also, you need to worry about anything as every little detail regarding baking, preparation, and serving will be taken care of by skilled caterers.

With so many pizza options to choose from, Seattle pizza caterers can accommodate all sorts of pizza requests for any budget size. 

Contact Ballard Beer Box For Your Next Pizza Catering Event

Being one of the best pizza restaurants in Seattle, Ballard Beer Box is here to make your next college event a success with a top-notch pizza catering service. We have an amazing menu of pizza to relish your taste buds, no matter if you like vegan, veg, or non-veg pizza. Our Godfather Pepperoni, Queen Margarita, and Grand Masala pizzas are absolute favorites and the most ordered ones.

Our professional chef knows the secret recipe for baking soft and crispy pizzas that will surely delight our guests and participants. Just let us know the event size and the catering requirements, and we’ll start off to make your event a grand success with our traditional, exotic, and authentic pizzas.

We even have indoor and outdoor event space in Seattle to accommodate parties and corporate events with wine, beer, and pizza catering services. Contact us anytime to discuss your catering requirements. We’ll be more than happy to cater your special occasion or college event.


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