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5 Speciality Pizzas At Ballard Beer Box To Pair With Beer

Pizza and beer are a classic combination and the charm of this pairing resides in how well it brings out the best in each other's tempting flavors. The secret to enhancing the natural flavors of the ingredients lies in pairing the right beer with the right pizza with rich toppings.

With each beer, ale, stout, and lager having a distinct taste and aroma, selecting the perfect pizza that will go with it is a confusing task. To help you make the ideal pizza-beer match that amplifies both the taste and aroma, we have crafted the best pizzas and beer combinations that will actually make you go WOW.

Queen Margharita

Nothing tastes better than our all-time classic yet delicious addition to any pizza, Queen Margharita. One of our bestsellers, this pizza is a perfect blend of Alta Cucina marinara, parmesan, aged and fresh mozzarella, fresh basil, Sicilian sea salt, and olive oil, loaded with fresh toppings. 

Margharitas' crisp and tantalizing flavors mix best with unfiltered ale with fruity scents and fresh hop flavors. Beer with a smooth and creamy texture goes perfectly with our Queen Margharita and enhances its taste to the notch.

Godfather Pepperoni

Our Godfather Pepperoni pizza is truly an all-American pie, prepared using fresh ingredients and locally sourced Washington Mills flour. With a perfect blend of Alta Cucina marinara parmesan, aged mozzarella, Sicilian oregano, and hot honey drizzle, this pepperoni pizza is a bit spicy and seasoned with garlic, black pepper, cayenne pepper, fennel spice, and paprika. 

Hoppy, malt-flavored pale beers can bring out the spiciness of this pizza without compressing its natural saltiness and also improve the flavor of the sauce without overpowering the pepperoni. Pale ales that contain earthy aromas of pine, citrus, and caramel make a perfect beer match for this pizza.

Swine and Pine

Our Swine and Pine pizza, as the name suggests, is topped with fresh pineapple and smoked bacon. Made from a perfect blend of red sauce, parmesan, mozz, pineapples, and bacon, this pizza tastes heaven. The acidic sweetness of pineapple pairs well with the fattiness of parmesan and bacon. 

A fruit-based lager is the ideal beer and pizza partner for this delicious pizza. Mild overtones of strawberry, lemon, or cherry balance the tanginess and sweetness of pineapple. Fruit beers are frequently brewed with fruit puree or extract and go best with our swine and pine pizza.

King BBQ

Our absolute favorite King BBQ is prepared with aged mozzarella, BBQ sauce, béchamel, bacon, and caramelized onions, sprinkled with herbs, and topped with extra toppings. Our smoky and tangy BBQ pizza tastes amazing and pairs perfectly with lager beer. 

Lagers usually contain toasted aromas and a little hop flavor. These beers enhance the hotter and heavier flavor of our King BBQ pizza.

Maui Wowie (vegan)

What’s a better way to eat fresh and in-season vegetables than on a vegan pizza? Our vegan pizza is prepared using Alta Cucina marinara, vegan mozzarella, shaved garlic, soyrizo, spicy peppers, and pineapple for vegans. Our vegan and veggie toppings provide a diversity of pizza flavor profiles, each with its distinct scent. 

With so many topping options, finding the ideal beer to slice down this pizza is a bit confusing. With our Maui Wowie pizza, we recommend a light and mild pilsner with brisk and subtle notes that complement its natural flavors.

Wrapping Up

Whether you're eating pizza at home with friends or at your favorite pizza restaurant after work, you may pair any of your favorite pies with one of our pizza-beer pairings. 

Ballard Beer Box serves the best pizza and beer in Seattle at our beer bar. You can order takeout and pick it up on your way home, or you can order delivery and get it delivered right to your door. Join us today for an amazing dining and drinking experience.


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